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Cash Buyers Lists

Your Cash Buyers Lists are the lifeblood of your real estate business and is critical to your success in “Assignment of Contracts” & “Quick Flipping”.  Without Cash buyers…you are not in business! Having real estate to sell is worthless if you do not have a cash buyer wanting to buy your real estate. Any seasoned wholesaler knows how truly important it is to have a strong list of cash buyers for your real estate deals — that is, folks who you know who are actively buying investment properties, and have shared their buying criteria with you.

Cash Buyers Lists updates lists on a quarterly basis.  Cash Buyers Lists provides lists of real estate and real estate purchases within the last 6 months from the date of the most current list provision.  Custom Cash Buyers Lists can be requested based on State; however lists are broken down by zip code, cities and counties and to provide the most accurate Cash Buyers Lists for real estate purchases, it’s imperative to provide your request as accurately as possible. Cash Buyers Lists provides access to real estate purchasers, sellers and real estate assets regarding information about real estate transactions.  Cash Buyers Lists does not sell a business opportunity, nor does Cash Buyers Lists offer any tax, accounting, financial or legal advice.  The laws and regulations governing real estate vary in each jurisdiction.  Each real estate Cash Buyers Lists is different, and buyers must conduct their own due diligence before finalizing a purchase.

Also, prior to undertaking any real estate transaction, you should consult your own accounting, legal and tax advisors to evaluate the risks, consequences and suitability of that transaction. Cash Buyers Lists offers no guarantee of any kind regarding a specific real estate asset’s performance or the performance of the real estate assets located on the Cash Buyers Lists return on investment or redemption time frame.

Cash Buyers Lists
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