When working your real estate cash buyer leads, utilize a contact management system and/or email marketing system.  If you do not have a contact management system or an email marketing system you may want to look at the following free software programs:

Real estate cash buyer’s leads are provided in an MS Excel format. If you are not familiar with Microsoft Excel, here are a few
Microsoft Excel tutorials.

Your list should look similar to the following image.

Verified Real Estate Cash Buyers - Close More Deals

Why will this work?  There are several key points to this opening script which make it work.

It’s quick and to the point.  Remember, the longer the script the more apt you are to become bothersome to a lead not interested, also the length of the script will change the amount of time you spend cold calling.

It’s not offensive. You’ll always find someone who does not like cold calls at all.  That’s okay. Because this script is short, most people would reply with something like,
“Oh, no we don’t want to move now.” You reply, “Thank you for your time and have a great day!” With such a short call, you will often hear them say, “OK, thank you,” because they weren’t annoyed.

It’s understandable.  The message simply implies, “real estate” and “buy/sell” with “soon” and “yes or no.” This is an uncomplicated message.

Cold calling to confused homeowners results in more time explaining who you are and why you are calling, which is a waste of your time. You want the homeowner to understand immediately and clearly why you are calling.

It flows.  The words of your script are just as important as the delivery of your script. You want your delivery to be quick but also received so it’s important to be comfortable and pause right after you introduce your company

“Hello, my name is (Your name) from (your real estate business)… (PAUSE) I am calling because…

Also, put more of an inflection on the words you want your contacts to hear. Therefore, when you say,
“I am calling because my company has buyers/sellers who are buying/selling…homes in YOUR neighborhood,” the contact already knows you are a real estate company with an interest in their area.

It helps to qualify. Did you remember your contact qualifications list? Your question at the end of your script is the most important part, because it helps determine whether or not your lead will convert to a sale.
“Are you thinking of buying/selling in the near future?”

The end of the script forces a fast response by asking,
“Are you thinking of buying/selling in the near future?”

“near future” means soon and not a year from now. Therefore, the response will be fast because if they have been thinking of selling soon, they will say so. If not, they will quickly say, “No.”

Now that we have touched on email marketing and direct phone contact now let’s check out text/sms messaging.

Text/sms messaging services can be very powerful when implemented correctly.  Learn how the experts implement text/sms messaging services, here.

  • Owner 1 Phone Numbers
  • Owner 1 Email Addresses
  • Owner 2 Name
  • Owner 2 Phone Numbers
  • Owner 2 Email Addresses
  • Mailing Address
  • Mailing City
  • Mailing State
  • Mailing Zip
  • Last Sale Date
  • Last Sale Price

Your real estate cash buyer’s list contains the following information:

SMS marketing works wonders for your real estate business. However, promotions only work as well as the marketing and advertising behind them. SlickText allows you to quickly and easily spread the word to your best customers with a simple text message. People respond much quicker to SMS than any other form of communication. Attach picture to any outgoing text campaign and see an even greater response!  Check it out now!

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Sales call
Pointing To Topics - How To Contact Real Estate Cash Buyers

Drive traffic to your business by sending text messages to your customers. Text "demo" to 31996 to see how it works.

How To Contact Real Estate Cash Buyers

Verified Phone Numbers Example


You make the call
How To Contact Real Estate Cash Buyers
Owner 1 name, phone number and email address

“Hello, my name is Robert Miller from Real Deal Real Estate Brokers…I am calling because my company has buyers/sellers who are buying/selling homes in your neighborhood. Are you thinking of buying/selling a home in the near future?”

Sales call
Real Estate Sales Call


Phone numbers are verified for owner association.  A single lead may contain several phone numbers.

Phone numbers are verified until a positive verification is completed.  If multiple phone numbers exist we provide verification up to the point of positive verification of ownership and number will be listed at the top of each phone number list. 

For example, if a lead contains 6 phone numbers and we verify the first phone number as being the owners phone number the remaining numbers are not verified.​​

Real Estate Marketing Brochure - Rehab Valuator

Now it’s time to start contacting your leads.  There are different methodologies you may start to incorporate: Email marketing, direct phone contact, txt/sms contact and postal/postcard mailers.  We will touch on Email Marketing first.


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Email Marketing:
If you are an email marketing genius you may want to gather all of your lead’s names and associated email addresses and create a
real estate marketing brochure which allows you to advertise your properties directly to your cash buyer leads in a manner which reveals your property’s best attributes.  This may be a methodology you’ll want to work on and become familiar with so you can seamlessly update your brochures with new information and market them with just a few clicks of your mouse.

In the Email Address areas you will find email addresses with strikethroughs, these emails have been validated and determined the email address may be deliverable but is risky.  You may also find email addresses bold typed with a message similar to the following:

“ServerIsCatchAll - Code 5 The external mail exchanger accepts fake, nonexistent, e-mail addresses; therefore the provided email address MAY be inexistent too.  For more information please visit,  
Verified Deliverable Email Addresses”.

Email addresses verified as deliverable will be provided in plain text.

How to make sales calls

Direct phone contact:
We can already feel the tension building in your shoulders for many of you. Let’s face it. Making cold calls by phone can be a little intimidating. You may be a little shy or downright terrified about calling strangers on the phone, especially if you do not have a phone sales background of some type.

You may be worried about receiving negative reactions. Whatever doubts you may have, just know cold calling is a great source for making contact and you are never going to become great at it unless you have a few things established.

Now, before you start dialing away make sure you have, what we call, a “contact qualifications list” prepared.  A contact qualification list contains key items which you create to help you convert your leads to sales and they should be incorporated into your cold calling script.  Yes, cold calling script.

There goes the tension in your shoulders again.  When it comes to making real estate cold calls you want to make sure you have a well-written script to follow. Without a script to follow, you may find yourself fumbling words or forgetting important suggestions and/or information which can make you sound foolish.  Remember, a script is to help you stay focused on your purpose of your call. When you use your script make sure not to sound scripted.

​Here is just an example to get you started.

Verified Email Address Example


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How To Contact Real Estate Cash Buyers
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