When first getting into real estate, finding cash buyers for real estate deals can be a challenge or more like a never ending job which tends to have you thinking twice about whether or not real estate is the direction for you; BEEN THERE, DONE THAT.

Locating cash buyers is one of the most important things you can do for your real estate business.  The reason is, real estate cash buyers are your customers. These are the people who are going to pay for real estate properties from you. How cool would that be?

Finding cash buyers for your real estate to help you make your first five figure paycheck will motivate you and have you on cloud nine.  You’re going to look at that check, you’re going to hold onto it, you may even smell it…but most importantly you are going to feel confident in your choice to move forward in real estate.

First, finding cash buyers in the past was a little more difficult than it is now, however you are in the right spot at the right time to find the cash buyers you need for your real estate. You’ll find a form below to help get you started, and best of all we’ll be upfront as to how much it costs so you know there are no hidden fees…AT ALL!  Cash Buyers Lists starting at just $34.

YES…NO JOKE, $34 and each list can have up to 500 leads of real estate cash buyers…but we will come back to that.

There have been multiple ways to locate cash buyers for real estate; Google, Bandit signs, software, classified ads, Investor friendly agents, Auctions and REI groups are just a few.  Well, this will help eliminate all of that.

The best way to find cash buyers is to acquire a list of real estate cash buyers in your state, city, county or even zip code. If you want to locate cash buyers for real estate outside your area it’s just as simple. When you acquire your, list you will see everyone on your list has purchased properties either as an individual or as a legal real estate business entity, so you know these are the type of people you want to start a relationship with.

Now after you find these real estate cash buyers you want to send them a letter or a postcard or in some cases contact them via phone…however, contacting them via phone can, in some cases, work against you because there are so many different companies, collectors and solicitors trying to reach these people and sometimes a phone call can be the worse way to make contact.

Cash Buyers Lists

Why is it so hard to find cash buyers for real estate?

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How to find cash buyers for real estate.


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How to find cash buyers for real estate
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Why is it so hard to find cash buyers for real estate?
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Cash Buyers Lists


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Real Estate Cash Buyers Lists

It really is that simple.  Your phone should end up ringing off the hook with people reaching out to you instead of you reaching out to them and that is exactly what you are looking for.  So here is how you get started and be prepared to purchase your list today for only $34. Complete the form below.  Let us know which State, City, County even Zip code you would like your list of cash buyers pulled from.​ Once you complete the form you will be redirected to a cash buyers lists page where you will get to choose which state you prefer and you will see the number of leads for a particular area.

If you send a letter or postcard you can write something like this;

“Hello, my name is (your name goes here), I am a (your role here: real estate investor, wholesaler, real estate professional) in (give your area) and I have access to properties 20% to 40% below market value. If you are interested in doing business and getting a hold of some of these properties, then give me a call at (your phone number here).”

Below you will see an example of our very first list we compiled from 3 years ago.

For security, the list below is not viewable on your mobile device.

The information is an example of what you are able to expect when purchasing your own list for your area of interest.

We look forward to helping you in your real estate ventures and hope this gets you started in the proper direction.  Now fill out the form and go get your list!